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Target Audience: the intended audience for this trilogy is wide-ranging: women, from teenaged to mature, will be swept away by the romance, intrigue and betrayal experienced by the richly-textured characters, told from the female protagonist’s third-person perspective. Men of all demographics will relate to the male characters, in a relevant, everyday sense, translatable to modern times. They will also be fascinated by the ancient battlefield tactics and technologies, all painstakingly researched for authenticity, and interwoven into a fast-paced, page-turning narrative. And all readers will be enticed by the sexually provocative, yet tastefully described, decadence of Rome.
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Take a “flight-for-survival” in this chilling story of a troubled domestic airline, an air-crash investigation, and an American family torn apart by tragedy. For pilots, flight attendants, and the flying public world-wide, the very notion of a commercial jet being crashed on purpose is inconceivable. However, after one highly suspicious and deadly crash-landing of a 737 occurs, ghostly messages from beyond the grave begin to reveal a ruthless and sinister conspiracy where men only concerned about profits and the corporate bottom line will do anything to protect their assets, even at the expense of the innocent passengers.
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It is 9 AD and Germanic tribesmen, led by Arminius, are attempting to overthrow their ruthless Roman overlords. While the rebels try to preserve their fragile confederacy, two tribal teens have been in Rome attempting to find their enslaved kinfolk, stolen away from the Rhine region weeks earlier. Although always at odds during their travels, they soon discover hidden affections that blossom into love. But there is little time for romance after they are exposed to military secrets that may jeopardize the rebellion and subject the entire Germanic population to brutal retaliation by the occupying legions. Desperate to warn Arminius and his rebel leaders about Caesar’s plans, they risk their lives on a perilous journey home only to find that the battle has already begun, and that they too are combatants.
"The Devil's Seat"
Genre: Commercial Fiction
Sub-Genres: Thriller, Horror Fiction (Supernatural Forces)
Status: Completed with a 99,037 Word Length
Audience: Males & Females 24-60; All Ethnicities
Demographics: Educated; Middle-Income;Travelers; Parents
"Renegades of Rome"
Projected for 2019
Daughter's of the Rhine; Renegades of Rome; The Renegade's Embrace
"Host Couple" for 2018
Host Couple, a term used by partners in the “lifestyle,” or swingers, who invite other couples into their homes to have casual sex. Heather and Matt are average in just about every way; in their early-forties, they are averagely attractive, have two-average teenagers living in their average ranch style home; they have average jobs, where Heather teaches high school English and Matt sells used cars. They go out to dinner every Friday night, take exactly one vacation every summer, and their routine sex-life fits the mediocre pattern where a fifteen-minute session every Saturday morning is the extent of their intimacy. In an attempt to reinvigorate their love life, after two bottles of wine and an hour of surfing, they post an ad on a swinger Website. It seems promising as they are contacted by a young, attractive, vibrant couple who offers to host Heather and Matt into their bedroom and their lives. Wealthy jetsetters and lifestyle veterans, Jenna and Gage, agree to show newbies Heather and Matt the lifestyle ropes. However, this captivating couple has more in mind than just casual sex; they have a sinister secret agenda that will push Heather and Matt to their emotional limits and beyond.