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Four “Mech-Animals,” animals kept alive with robotic parts, perform in an Earth-like carnival for alien audiences across the galaxy. Abducted from Earth centuries earlier, they are able to escape from their evil Ringmaster by stealing the “Starship Carnival” locomotive spacecraft. In hopes of finding their ancestral roots, they return to Earth, only to discover wild animals are nothing like they remember. Soon, the Mech-Animals will have to save themselves and their apathetic animal relatives from Ringmaster’s vengeful wrath.
 Porn star Karen Ann Dunn has just won a court battle to continue using her stage name "Diva Stockwell" for the sale of her steamy adult videos, despite the humiliation and protest of box office starlet, Eva Stockwell.
      The fact that the two women appear virtually identical only adds to Eva's frustration and threatened appeal. When one of the women is victim of a freak accident, LAPD Detectives David Perkins and Gail Cunningham sift through the ashes of her life to discover a tragic past, twisted relationships and motives for murder.
   Travel through the studio back lots and desperate Tinsel Town streets in this page-turning mystery thriller, as muted voices from beyond the grave whisper a sinister tale of sex, money, betrayal and some of Hollywood's most powerful players.
The Mech-Animals
Starship Carnival
"Say Good-bye to Johnnie Blue"